Islamophobia and the Canadian Art of Forgetting: Links

Kanishka Project and the Air India Bombing

About Project Funded through the Kanishka Project (Public Safety Canada)

Will Flight PS752 victims be remembered differently than those killed in the Air India bombing? (The Conversation Canada)

A tale of two tragedies: How Canada’s treatment of the Iran plane crash stands in stark contrast to 1985’s Air India bombing (Toronto Star)

Heritage Front: White Supremacist Movement in the 90s

Remembering RaHoWa violence: Ottawa’s own Charlottesville (CBC)

Echoing Charlottesville – Ottawa’s own neo-Nazi riot (Ottawa Citizen)

Front Man: Interview with CSIS Spy who became leader in the Heritage Front (The Walrus)

Right Wing Extremism in Canada Now

Recognizing the Dangers of Right-wing Extremism | Barbara Perry | TEDxCalgary

Broadening our Understanding of Anti-Authority Movements in Canada (TSAS)

Canada Is Spending $300K On Research Into Far-Right Extremism (VICE)

White nationalism and right-wing extremism aren’t new to Canada (CBC)

Over 50 bullets fired in shooting that left Edmonton police officer dead (Edmonton Journal)

Daniel Gallant: Personal Story of Former Canadian White Supremacist (Extreme Dialogue, funded via Kanishka Project)

Recent Islamophobic Violence in Toronto

Masjid in Toronto Threatened with a “Christchurch All Over Again” (NCCM)

Call For Action on Dismantling White Supremacist Organizations: Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (NCCM)

Recent Deaths in Canada (particularly Ontario) Involving Police

Most Canadians killed in police encounters since 2000 had mental health or substance abuse issues (CBC)

What we know about the last 100 people shot and killed by police in Canada (2017 to 2020) (CTV News)

What the Flip is going on with Police in Peel Region?

‘You can feel the pain’: families of those killed by police support each other (City News)

Ejaz Choudry (South Asian, living with a mental illness, Mississauga, Peel Region, 2020)

How the death of Mississauga man Ejaz Choudry helped spark a provincewide conversation about police reform (Toronto Star)

D’Andre Campbell (Black, living with a mental illness, Brampton, Peel Region, 2020)

D’Andre Campbell fatally shot by police in Brampton home after calling for help, family says (Global News)

Jamal Francique (Black, Brampton, 2020)

Vigil held in honour of Mississauga man who died after being shot by Peel police (CBC)

Greg Ritchie (Indigenous, living with a mental illness, January 2019, Ottawa)

Indigenous groups lead spirit walk for man killed by Ottawa police (CTV News)

Abdirahman Abdi (Black, living with a mental illness, Ottawa, 2016)

Ontario’s ombudsman calls death of Ottawa man after arrest ‘tragic’ (CBC)

A full picture of Abdirahman Abdi’s final moments has finally been painted (Ottawa Citizen)

Abdirahman Abdi death anniversary spotlights Black Lives Matter awakening (CBC)


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