Fighting Islamophobia 101: Videos

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Here are some videos to check out to help you keep adding more NUANCE

Websites to Check Out Canada’s Online Hub

Muslim Girl


The Muslim Vibe

The Sisters Project

Web Series

Slate: Who’s Afraid of Aymann Ismail?

AlJazeera: Secret Life of Muslims Season 1

AlJazeera: Secret Life of Muslims Season 2

Black and Muslim in Britain Season 1

Black and Muslim in Britain Season 2

Azeeza for Women Show (Canada)

Muslim Religious Practices

Festivals of Faiths: Islamic Daily Prayer | Ingrid Mattson (34:49 min)

AlJazeera: What’s Hajj Like? A Comedian Goes To Mecca (2:40 min)

AlJazeera: Fasting For The First Time For Ramadan (9:19 min)

Slate: Why Ramadan Is More Profound in America Than Anywhere Else (5:22 min)

African American Ramadan in Brooklyn (9:53 min)

AhlulBayt TV: Ashura in London – A Non-Muslim’s Experience (53:44 min)

Inside Britain’s Biggest Mosque run by Ahmadiyya Muslims (44:56 min)

Koran by Heart (HBO, Purchase on YouTube)

The Light in Her Eyes (Filmed in Syria, Purchase on YouTube)

Unmosqued (United States, Purchase online HERE)

National Film Board of Canada: Me and the Mosque by Zarqa Nawaz 

Violence Against Muslims

Your Last Walk In The Mosque (Canada, Purchase online HERE)

I Am Rohingya: A Genocide in Four Acts (Canada, Purchase online HERE)

For Nabra Sulaiman by Sura Mallouh (Canada, Watch online HERE)

Muslim Women’s Experiences

Hijabi Monologues: I’m Tired by Sahar Ullah

Zainab Salbi Project: Fearless Muslims in Minnesota

BuzzFeed: Embarrassing Hijab Stories (4:56 min)

Guardian: I feel so guilty’: Muslim women discuss removing their hijab at work (5:18 min)

AlJazeera: Ayana Ife This Project Runway Finalist Is Making Muslim Fashion Mainstream (4:30 min)

AlJazeera: Lena Khan Hollywood’s First Hijabi Director (3:27 min)

Black Muslim Experiences

PBS Online Film Festival: Black Muslim Woman (1:52 min)

What It’s Like To Be A Black, African, Muslim Woman | Olla Abbas (5:07 min)

Muslim Cool: Hip Hop and Islam in America with Professor Su’ad Abdul Khabeer (47:46 min)

Convert Experiences

Growing Up White and Muslim in America (2:27 min)

BuzzFeed: Why I Converted to Islam (3:32 min)

PBS Online Film Festival: Redneck Muslim (16:07 min)

New Muslim Cool (Purchase online HERE)

Refugee Experiences

PBS Online Film Festival: I Am A Refugee by Ifrah Mansour (3:26 min)

CBC: Teen refugee & family face a hard adjustment to Canada | Sedra

Integration TV: How Somali Women Survived in Canada

Music Videos

Ilyas Mao – Blessed (3:09 min)

Deen Squad Ramadan Kareem (3:29 min)

Hijabi by Mona Hayder (3:19 min)

Land Far Away by Poetic Pilgrimage (4:44 min)

A Land Called Paradise by Kareem Salama (3:46 min)

Stand Up Comedy

Make Racism More Equal by Hoodo Hersi

Putting your dowry on your dating profile by Fatima Dhowre

It’s Not Going Well For My Country Right Now by Nour Hadidi (6:17 min)

Expecting A Hogwarts Letter From ISIS by Ramy Youssef (5:06 min)

Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Shared His Refugee Background With Eric Trump by Mo Amer

Did you hear the one about the Iranian-American? by Maz Jobrani

Alcohol by Nazeem Hussain (4:26 min)

Explains Pakistani Culture by Kumail Nanjiani (8:30 min)

Made in Britain by Tez Ilyas (18:00 min)

Controversial Issues

Muslims and Ontario’s Health Ed Curriculum

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Sex Ed and Islam (23:51 min)

Sex Ed: An Islamic Perspective | Farrah Marfatia (19:10 min)

Sex Education & Islam: Discretion, Not Denial – Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi (25:20 min)

Muslim Foster Parents

Integration TV: He’s not her baby, but she did it anyway!

BBC News:’They’re my mum and dad, not terrorists’

Muslims in Love

Real Stories: Muslim And Looking For Love (47:32)

Unreported World: Looking for love in Iran (22:40 min)

LGBT Issues

Who’s Afraid of Aymann Ismail?: Muslims and Homophobia (9:05 min)

CBC: Interview with Arshad Khan, director of the documentary ‘Abu’ about being gay, Pakistani and Canadian (24: 10)

TEDx: Brown, trans, queer, Muslim and proud | Sabah Choudrey (14:47 min)

Real Stories: Transgenders: Pakistan’s Open Secret (53:13 min)

Applications of “Sharia Law”

CBC: Canada’a Muslim Adoption Ban (14:36 min)

The Judge: Palestine’s First Female Sharia Court Judge (Purchase on Amazon Prime HERE)

Slate: Islamic Tribunal in Texas (8:23 min)

Real Stories: Divorce Sharia Style (47:50 min)

Real Stories: Divorce Iranian Style (1:16 min)

Polygamy in harmony in Malaysia (5:30 min)

CBC: Polygamy in Canada: An open secret (15:52 min)

The Men with Many Wives (43:50 min)


Slate: Should Muslims Like Me Be So Critical of Ex-Muslims? (8:51 min)

Ex-Muslims of North America: Ex-Muslims talk to Muslims (16:52 min)

Films & Documentaries (For Purchase)

Tug of War (Canada, Purchase online HERE)

Yasmine (Brunei, Purchase on YouTube)

Divines (France, Purchase on Netflix)

Ali’s Wedding (Australia, Purchase on Netflix)

Jinn (United States, Purchase on Amazon Prime HERE)

Prince Among Slaves (United States, Purchase on YouTube)

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